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A sustainable solution to clean water access for communities that the energy grid will never serve.

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Empowering Communities with Water

1 billion people in the developing world live without access to clean water and electricity. Here at WellPower we understand that the key to unlocking social and economic development is a solution to both water and power needs. WellPower is the most scalable and sustainable solution ever to the tremendous problem of lack of access to electricity and clean water. Our solution uses upcycled solar panels and repurposed electric vehicle battery packs to power a water filtration system that provides clean water and electricity to entire communities. We partner with local entrepreneurs enabling them to utilize our system to sell clean water and energy to their community at an affordable rate. WellPower will increase education, jobs, and economic activity leading to widespread community development. Furthermore,

Our solution is:

  • Culturally Compatible
  • Rapidly Scalable
  • Affordable
  • Sustainably Sourced

Meet the Team

We are team of Princeton Engineers who have identified a problem that we are uniquely equipped to solve. Members of our team have experience working for solar manufacturers, social enterprises focused on renewables, water management facilities and energy storage research labs. Our team has developed expertise in solar & battery systems, water purification technologies, distribution channels, NGOs and sustainability. We first met on campus at Princeton as friends who had similar interests in sustainable energy and entrepreneurship. Together we built a sustainable solution that will have a broad and lasting impact.

Chief Engineer


Todd Baldwin

Head of Business Development


Noah Schochet

Head of Operations


Ayushi Sinha

Head of Marketing


Victoria Scott

Head of Integration

Bethwel Kiplimo

Acheivements and Recognition

Princeton Univeristy Office of Communications

Startup culture meets social good as Princeton students innovate for international prize

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The Daily Princetonian

Students behind WellPower startup talk social entrepreneurship, obstacles

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  • The Princeton Social Innovation Competition (2nd place)

  • The Impact Summit Social Startup Pitch Competition (2nd place)

  • The Hult Prize Ivy (2nd place)

  • The Hult Prize (3rd place)


  • The Andlinger Center E-ffiliates Retreat

  • Intersolar North America

Partners and Sponsors

Thank you to our funders and sponsors for their continued support.


Princeton University


The Keller Center


The Princeton University Entreprenurial Hub


The Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment


Princeton Environmental Institute


Impact Summit


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